About us

Nettlinx Limited is a public-listed company & started its Internet Service Provider (ISP) operations in 1999 and has since grown to become the leading Class ‘B’ ISP operator in TS & AP with a customer base of more than 9000 clients. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the group made strategic diversification investments into Reality & Green Energy.

We at NETTLINX LIMITED adhere to systematic approach of functioning which stems from the unique combination of traditional approach and technical know – how with intellect and quality implementation.

Internet Leased Lines
Nettlinx operates through a network built on world class technology and unparallel infrastructure. The fully redundant, carrier agnostic backbone architecture enables us to deliver high network uptimes and network availability to our customers. Each of the Nettlinx POPs are equipped to provide all the latest WAN protocols.

Network Solutions
Combining the expertise of our OEM Certified Network Design & Installation specialists, engineers and technicians and Project Managers, in conjunction with our proven project management techniques, we create high-quality, cost-effective structured cable systems that support a company’s mission-critical applications of today.

Website Designing & Hosting
Nettlinx specialists develop the web sites according to their function: selling, entertaining, training or informing. Applying eye-catching graphics coupled with error-free html coding, we develop robust web sites from scratch. We pay attention to every detail and it's main idea.

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